Adventure in the outdoors


Challenge Yourself

At Roses Gap we have a wide range of outdoor adventure activities designed to challenge and excite participants of all ages. Under the expert guidance of our friendly instructors, experience the thrill of stepping out of your comfort zone and learn to reach for your goals in a stunning setting within the Grampians National Park.

Safety is our priority

  • We are QTAB (ATAP) accredited
  • We use qualified and experienced instructors
  • We use high quality equipment that's logged and monitored
  • We use professionally built and serviced activity structures
  • We have detailed activity plans and risk assessments

On the rocks


Harness up and descend some beautiful natural rock walls specifically chosen by our instructors for your groups age and skill level. A great challenge with great rewards. 

Rock Climbing

An amazing physical and mental challenge as you navigate your way to the top of some world class Grampians rock walls, all within walking distance of camp.  

Up in the air

Giant Swing

At 19m high the Giant Swing is one fast and fun experience not to missed while on camp. Team mates pull you up to your preferred height before the countdown and release sends you flying! 

Flying Fox

Spanning over 100m, the biggest challenge for most on the Flying Fox is leaping from the tower, but once you do it’s an exciting ride to the other end where your classmates will be waiting and cheering you on.

Vertical Playpen

Tackle a variety of tricky elements as you and a team mate navigate your way to the top of this massive climbing challenge, while the rest of your group and your instructor support you from below on the belay teams.  

Pamper Pole

Also known as a “Leap of Faith”, this activity will require all of your focus and confidence as you scale the pole, balance on top, and leap out into the air as you reach for the suspended ball. A true test for the mind and the nerves!

Crate Stack

Reach for new heights and stack your crates as high as you dare in this fun and challenging activity that sees you working with your teammates to carefully build a tower of crates without toppling your creation and falling off.

On the water


Our lake is the perfect size for groups to learn and practice some new paddling skills on the water. Under close supervision of an instructor you’ll get the chance to participate in races, raft-ups, and games in our fun and energetic Canoeing sessions.

Raft Building

Challenge your group to design a raft that will keep the chosen paddlers afloat as they make their way across to the lakes central island and back to shore. A creative challenge with a focus on teamwork that sometimes involves getting a little (or a lot) wet!     

On the ground

Low Ropes

Swing, balance, climb and crawl your way through a series of fun team building and initiative challenges that will test not only physical skills, but also the groups ability to work together and problem solve.


Shoot for a bullseye on the Roses Gap archery range in this popular activity for all ages. You’ll learn proper safe handling, loading and firing techniques, as you take turns lining up the target with your bow and arrows. 

Hut Building

Set in a secluded spot on the Roses Gap property, this session challenges the group to create a shelter using only natural materials. Tapping into creative and team building elements, this activity is also about exploring the outdoors, bonding, and having fun.

In the National Park


Make the most of the stunning surrounds of the Grampians National Park by taking your group on a bushwalk and experiencing a truly wondrous environment of waterfalls, rock formations, plants and wildlife.   


For the more adventurous groups a day-hike up to Briggs Bluff is a challenging and highly rewarding experience. Leave from camp in the morning and enjoy your packed lunch at the summit surrounded by incredible views before starting the descent back to camp.