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  • GiantSwing02.jpg

    Challenge yourself on the Giant Swing

  • RockClimbing01.jpg

    Climb stunning Grampians rock walls

  • GiantSwing03.jpg

    Free fall from 19 metres up!

  • VerticalPlaypen01.jpg

    Scale the Vertical Playpen

  • Abseiling01.jpg

    Learn to abseil

  • Canoeing01.jpg

    Learn to raft up in canoes

  • GamesRoom01.jpg

    Enjoy the games room and cinema

  • VerticalPlaypen04.jpg

    Make it to the top

  • Abseiling04.jpg

    Abseil on amazing rock faces

  • Canoeing03.jpg

    Have fun out on the water

  • FlyingFox01.jpg

    Pick up speed on the Flying Fox

  • GiantSwing01.jpg

    Fly high on the Giant Swing

  • LowRopes01.jpg

    Navigate the Low Ropes Course

  • Bushwalking01.jpg

    Bushwalk to Beehive Falls

  • Archery01.jpg

    Aim for a bullseye at Archery

  • VerticalPlaypen02.jpg

    The Vertical Playpen and Pamper Pole

Activities at Roses Gap Recreation Centre

We have many exciting and challenging outdoor adventure activities onsite to suit a wide variety of age groups. Specialised activities are conducted by our qualified instructors, while other activities can be conducted by teachers and parents after some instruction from us.

Our activities encourage children and adults to challenge their limits, work together in groups, and have fun all in a safe, and beautiful outdoor environment.  Our “Challenge By Choice” rule ensures that while all of the encouragement and guidance necessary is provided, the final say always rests with the participant on what they’re comfortable with.


Our activities include:

The Giant Swing

The Giant Swing is one of the most talked about activities on camp.  A great personal challenge in which participants get to choose their preferred height to swing from, with the top being a massive 19m.  With a few seconds of free-fall for those that make it all the way up, this is one fast and fun ride not to be missed.


Abseiling will see you harnessed up and descending down some stunning natural Grampians rock faces which we are lucky enough to have on our property.  With so many sites to choose from, you are always guaranteed a challenge that suits the age and skill level of your group, and all within walking distance of camp, no transport required!

The Vertical Playpen

The Vertical Playpen is a professionally constructed climbing challenge that will test you both physically and mentally as you tackle the various components on your way to the top.  Climbing in pairs, you’ll help each other up as the rest of the group and instructor keep you safe on the ropes below.

As with all our 'challenge by choice' activities, you only need to climb as high as you are comfortable, before your team lowers you back down safely to the ground.

The Flying Fox

Our Flying Fox is 120 metres long and spans the length of the High Ropes field.  You’re sure to get a surprise how much higher it looks when you’re standing on top of the tower ready to jump!  Once you do though you will fly down the fox cable in your full body harness to your waiting classmates at the other end.  Everyone comes back for a second go on this one.


The Roses Gap canoeing lake is the perfect size to give students a chance to learn and test out some new paddling skills in our safe instructor run sessions.  Whether you're a beginner or have some paddling experience, everyone will get to participate and have some fun out on the water as your instructor helps you to form rafts, complete challenges, play games and have races.
Make sure you bring an old pair of shoes and clothes that can get wet!

Rock Climbing

Once again utilising the amazing natural rock faces spread over our property, Rock Climbing challenges students to try out their climbing skills in a beautiful Australian bush setting, with plenty of instruction and guidance from our qualified and friendly instructors.  There are plenty of different climbing sites to suit all ages.

The Pamper Pole

The Pamper Pole, also known as The Leap of Faith, is a challenge that requires strong focus to complete.  Utilising special full body harnesses, you'll need all of your concentration to climb and balance on top of the pole, before leaping out to touch the suspended ball in mid-air.  A great challenge for the mind and the nerves.

The Low Ropes Course

The Low Ropes Course offers a large variety of team building and initiative challenges, testing not only the students physical ability, but their ability to work together and problem solve as a group.  The course is spread over many fun elements and is always educational as the students swing, balance, crawl, and think their way through each section.


Our archery range offers students a chance to try out their skills with a bow and arrow in a secluded spot on the Roses Gap property.  A suitable activity for all ages, you will learn proper safe handling, loading, and firing techniques before being given the chance to try for a bullseye.


There are several great bushwalks that leave right from Roses Gap Recreation Centre, meaning transport is not needed to enjoy some of the wonderful sights of the Grampians National Park. The most popular and easily accessible walk is the walk to Beehive Falls.  Another waterfall, Barigar Falls, is also accessible from our property, and for the very keen, ask us about the day hike up to Briggs Bluff.

Camping Under Canvas

Interested in giving your students a night out under the stars?  We have a dedicated camp out area!  Teachers will sleep in the large permanent Eco-Tent featuring 2 single beds.  Students will put up their own 2 man dome tents around the teachers tent and central camp fire for that real camping experience!

Bob's Shed - Games Room & Cinema

Bob's Shed is our large indoor games room!  This massive multipurpose room is great for night activities like trivia nights, talent shows, and discos, as well as movie nights thanks to a large movie screen, projector, and sound system.  The room also features table tennis tables and a fun range of "giant" games to keep everyone busy during free time and rainy periods.

More Activities

There are still more activities that we offer here at Roses Gap, some popular ones include Hut Building, Yabbying, Raft Building, Bush Cooking, Spotlight Nightwalks and Mobile Zoo Encounters.  Be sure to chat to us about any activities you are interested in and we’ll make sure we come up with the perfect program to suit your needs. 


Roses Gap Recreation Centre


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