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About Roses Gap Recreation Centre

Roses Gap Recreation Centre is situated on a 120 acre property in the Grampians National Park, approximately 3hrs from Melbourne and 5hrs from Adelaide.  We specialise in running outdoor adventure school camps with many onsite facilities including:

  • Accommodation for up to 250 in bunkhouse and ensuite cabins
  • A camp out area featuring a permanent Eco Tent, fire pit, and pop up tents
  • A large indoor games room and cinema
  • Dining rooms for large and smaller groups
  • Amenities blocks with toilet/shower facilities
  • Professionally constructed ropes course adventure activities 
  • Access to stunning rock walls and waterfalls of the Grampians National Park
  • A man-made lake for canoeing sessions

Roses Gap has been owned and run by the Sutherland family since 2005. The extended Roses Gap family consists of a dedicated group of instructors, cooks, and support staff, all of who contribute to the camps fun and welcoming atmosphere.  Everyone at Roses Gap is passionate about the outdoors and providing a unique and rewarding experience to students of all ages.

Sustainability is also very important to us, as is caring for the Grampians National Park environment.  As a completely off-grid site, we utilise a large 40kw solar setup, massive battery bank storage, and backup generator to power the facility.  Fresh water is sourced from a local spring and treated without chemicals using a combination of filters and UV sterilisation.

We are a member of the Australian Camps Association (ACA) and an accredited adventure camp with the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program (ATAP).

In 2014 we were awarded a grant from Sustainability Victoria to further improve the camps energy efficiency, and were also a finalist in the 2014 Wimmera Business Awards. 

In 2015 we received the Gold Award for Excellence in Customer Service (Australian Business Quality Awards), and were chosen as a finalist in 2015 Premier's Sustainability Awards.

In 2016 we were selected for the Faces of Small Business campaign and exhibition in Victoria.


Australian Tourism Accreditation Program           Australian Camps Association           Premiers Sustainability Awards           



Australian Business Quality Awards 


History of the Area

Roses Gap Creation Story

There is an Aboriginal dreamtime story that tells of the creation of Roses Gap in the Grampians ranges (Gariwerd). The story involves a giant emu known as Tchingal who lived in the malee scrub and was hatching an enormous egg. The story tells...

"One day while Tchingal was away from the nest, War the Crow flew past. Feeling hungry, War decided to have a peck at the egg. He was pecking away quite happily when Tchingal returned. The monster emu was furious. War fled across the country towards Gariwerd, with Tchingal right behind him.
As he approached the ranges, War saw a crack in the mountains ahead. He flew into it, thinking he would be safe from Tchingal there. But Tchingal rushed at the mountain and struck it a mighty blow with his foot.

The mountain split open under the force of the impact, releasing a mountain stream and creating a gap, Barigar, also known as Rose’s Gap."

The above exerpt comes from the Gariwerd Creation Story from Brambuk the National Park and Cultural Centre - visit their website at

European History

The Northern area of the Grampians where Roses Gap is located has been home to Aboriginal tribes for over 5000 years.
The first Europeans to travel through the region came in the 1830's. Thomas Mitchell who led the explorers named the mountain range the Grampians after a similar mountain range in Scotland.

In search of a cattle grazing run, Charles Browning Hall became the first European settler in the area in the 1840's. Exploring the area he came across what is now known as Halls Gap. He also explored Roses Gap, which was named after Philip Rose who took over the cattle run from Hall in 1842.

Roses Gap Recreation Centre


Australian Camps AssociationAustralian Tourism Accreditation Program Premiers Sustainability Awards Finalist